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I haven’t always had a great routine, good eating habits, the confidence and lots of motivation to go to the gym and do what I do now. I also struggled with my body image when I was younger and felt like I could never get into a good habit and mindset. I felt really insecure and uncomfortable with my body for years as a teenager and even though many would think and continuously say my figure was fine, I still had insecurities that held me back and had an unhealthy relationship with food. I know the feeling and I know how hard it is to create a new routine that’s out of your comfort zone.



Once I started to learn about fitness and proper nutrition, I became addicted to how amazing I was feeling and the results I was seeing. That is where my passion for fitness started! After I was hooked I never looked back. Its just something that clicked with me after a couple of weeks, I absolutely loved it and had a great passion for it. I loved having a great routine, my plan set in place and lots of goals to achieve. It gave me great motivation and something to work towards every day. I am now stronger, happier and have a very positive mindset. I have the best routine that works for me and fits perfectly around my other commitments. Once I achieve a goal set, I automatically create a new one to aim for. I currently train hard 5-6 days each week and sometimes twice in one day doing a combination of weight training, HIIT and cardio. My training is focused around achieving a strong, toned physique and keeping lean but most important of all maintaining great health and feeling amazing! My nutrition consists of clean foods for most of my meals whilst still enjoying my cheat meals each week!


Loving your own body

After the journey of transforming my own body and discovering how amazing it made me feel, I wanted to share my knowledge with women all over the World for them to feel the same. There is no better feeling than loving your own body and feeling comfortable in your own skin! This is when I decided to start up my own business designing my own e-books and fitness workout videos to share my knowledge and motivation!


You can do it!

I want women all over the World to know that you CAN drop the bad habits and transform your body, improve your health and mindset with commitment to a new fitness regime. Putting in the effort, you can making your health a priority in your life- Health is wealth!

I promise you once you move out of your comfort zone, form better habits that will leading to your goals and start seeing results, you will never look back. You will be so proud of yourself ! Do this for no one but yourself, YOU CAN DO IT and I can help you every step of the way the way!



CYQ level 2 Fitness Instructor
CYQ level 3 Certificate in Personal Training
CYQ level 3 Nutrition
Metafit Instructor
Emergency First Aid
UKA Associate Teacher of Dance
Reiki Healing Certificate level 1


Dream Body Guide STRONGER


A gym based body transformation guide which will give you the knowledge to help you burn fat, sculpt your body, become stronger and more confident in yourself in the gym !

This guide includes -

 8 weeks of gym based workouts.

Workouts targeting specific areas as you progress throughout the guide. 

 Photographs of me performing every exercise start and finish position.

 Nutritional advice with a sample meal plan.

Hints and tips.

Simple to follow.

Suitable for anyone at any level. Choose a weight suited for you and increase as you progress!

 Timetable so you can plan out all your workouts for the week! 

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Dream Body Guide

With over 40 workouts and a sample nutrition plan you have everything you need to lose the stubborn fat, drop those unwanted pounds and achieve your optimum physique.

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